About Us

Our Mission
The mission of Bible Quizzing is to raise up teens to walk with the Lord and boldly share the gospel with their peers through Bible memorization and study, the mentorship of their coach, and close friendships with other teens who are pursuing the Lord.

What is Bible quizzing?

Simply put, Bible quizzing is a game created to motivate teens to memorize God's word. It combines the fun of competition with fellowship and the amazing power of God's word hidden in the hearts of young people.
    What does it look like? Every year teens age 11-19 memorize from a selected portion of the new testament. Once a month during the school year teams of 5-7 quizzers compete at local tournaments. Some teams go to the regional and national tournaments as well. Tournaments are composed of any number of matches and each match is divided into two 6-minute haves. In each match three teams compete against one another. Matches are governed by three table officials: A quiz master, a time keeper and a score keeper. Quizzers sit on folding chairs and use electronic pads to win the chance to answer questions read by the quiz master. Often times quizzers will even interrupt the question to win a jump in which case they must not only supply an answer but must also finish the question. Once a quizzer has won a jump they are given 20-30 seconds to answer depending upon the type of question. Quizzers are awarded 20 points if they supply the correct information in the allotted time or an error if they fail to answer the question correctly. In a single match quizzers can both quiz-out by scoring five correct answers or error-out by receiving three errors. Teams receive a 20 point bonus when five quizzers answer correctly as well as when the sixth and seventh quizzers answer correctly. When time is expired teams receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. If the match ends in a tie between two, or even all three teams, overtime is used to resolve ties.
    One thing that sets bible quizzing apart is its unique and healthy competitive nature. In Bible quizzing there is no booing. On the contrary, quizzers are encouraged to support and cheer for other teams as well as for their own. Similarly, when a quizzer receives an error one will frequently hear quizzers on other teams say things like, "shake it off". This type of camaraderie is a blessing to experience.

Where are we from?
We have quizzers and teams from Newport and Colfax, Washington; and Priest River and Fernwood, Idaho.

What is our organizational structure?
We are simply a group of people from Eastern Washington and North Idaho that love Bible quizzing. We currently operate on a solely volunteer basis and have no paid staff. We do not have a unique tax status so any necessary funds are usually dealt with through involved churches.